Comprehensive Biometric Authentication Solution

The most advanced security and ease of integration into mobile and IoT devices

Incorporating Sonavation’s 3D ultrasound sensor, SonicTouch™ is a FIDO-ready ultrasound biometric authenticator system-in-package module uniquely designed to deliver the next generation of identity security and ease of integration into mobile and IoT devices.

With its Match-In-Sensor architecturally flexible design, SonicTouch is the industry’s first full-stack solution designed with the highest level end-to-end encryption architecture that provides a fully encapsulated locked-down solution within the module. Combined with upgradable anti-spoofing and level 3+ matching systems, secure transactional solutions can be deployed by mobile and IoT device manufacturers, mobile network operators and application developers.

SonicTouch is biometric Privacy by Design.


The SonicTouch Advantage

  • A trusted FIDO-ready authenticator module
  • Authenticity of security chain of custody proving absolute certainty of identity
  • Unique singular acoustic fingerprint signature that never leaves the device
  • High accuracy extract and match using secure level 3 data
  • Works seamlessly through various protective display glass thicknesses
  • Eliminates the need for mobile device manufacturers to etch out or cut protective display glass, thus maintaining reliability
  • Ultra-thin sensor: ~0.4mm
  • Full developer engineering ecosystem including OEM support, API’s, RDK and SDK for easy integration into mobile and IoT