FIDO Alliance

FIDO-Alliance-Member-LogoAs a member of the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance, Sonavation is part of a founding group of companies dedicated to creating and implementing standards for simpler and stronger authentication. Along with Google, Mastercard, Microsoft, PayPal and Samsung, Sonavation is helping to lead and fulfill FIDO’s mission of “…developing specifications that define an open, scalable, interoperable set of mechanisms that supplant reliance on passwords to securely authenticate users of online services.”

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The Power of Ultrasound

3d-blue-printSonavation has harnessed the power of Ultrasound to power your world!

  • 3D Ultrasonic Surface Scan
  • Spoof Resistant
  • Unique Sensor Signature
  • Embedded Systems Support 
  • Low Power
  • Cost Effective

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